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Image Title Text
69 69 :69
adek adek :adek
aduh aduh :aduh
alamak alamak :alamak
ampun ampun :ampun
angel angel :angel
baca baca :baca
banned banned :banned
banzai banzai :banzai
bata bata :bata
beer beer :beer
belakang belakang :belakang
belakang2 belakang2 :belakang2
benjol benjol :benjol
berat berat :berat
berbusa berbusa :berbusa:
biggrin biggrin :biggrin
bingung bingung :bingung
bunny bunny :bunny
bye bye :bye
capek capek :capek
censored1 censored1 :censored1
cewek1 cewek1 :cewek1
confused confused :confused
cool cool :cool
cowok1 cowok1 :cowok1
crot crot :crot:
cry cry :cry
cup cup :cup
dansa dansa :dansa
devil devil :devil
diem diem :diem
doggy1 doggy1 :doggy1
doggy2 doggy2 :doggy2
donat donat :donat
fiuh fiuh :fiuh
galak galak :galak
galau galau :galau
genit genit :genit
gila gila :gila
goyang goyang :goyang
groa groa :groa
haham haham :haham
hammer hammer :hammer
hiks1 hiks1 :hiks1
homer homer :homer:
hore hore :hore
hore2 hore2 :hore2
horey horey :horey
hu1 hu1 :hu1
huh huh :huh
ikat1 ikat1 :ikat1
jempol jempol :jempol
joget joget :joget
joget1 joget1 :joget1
jogets jogets :jogets
joz1 joz1 :joz1
kaget kaget :kaget
kaki1 kaki1 :kaki1
kamehame1 kamehame1 :kamehame1
kawin kawin :kawin
kejar1 kejar1 :kejar1
kentang kentang :kentang
kiss kiss :kiss
kopi kopi :kopi
lidah lidah :lidah
luigi1 luigi1 :luigi1
mabuk1 mabuk1 :mabuk1
mad mad :mad
majalah majalah :majalah
malu malu :malu
malu2 malu2 :malu2
mandi mandi :mandi
mandi2 mandi2 :mandi2
mario1 mario1 :mario1
matabelo matabelo :matabelo
meluncur1 meluncur1 :meluncur1
ngacir ngacir :ngacir
ngadek1 ngadek1 :ngadek1
ngamar ngamar :ngamar:
ngamar3 ngamar3 :ngamar3
ngiler ngiler :ngiler
nohope nohope :nohope
norose norose :norose
nyerah1 nyerah1 :nyerah1
pamer pamer :pamer
pamer2 pamer2 :pamer2
pamer3 pamer3 :pamer3
pamer4 pamer4 :pamer4
papi papi :papi
paw paw :paw
peace peace :peace
pecut pecut :pecut:
pecut2 pecut2 :pecut2
pecut3 pecut3 :pecut3
pentung pentung :pentung
pipis1 pipis1 :pipis1
pisang1 pisang1 :pisang1
pisang2 pisang2 :pisang2
pisang3 pisang3 :pisang3
polda polda :polda
racun racun :racun
remas remas :remas:
repost1 repost1 :repost1
repost2 repost2 :repost2
rofl rofl rofl
rose rose :rose
sad sad :sad
santai1 santai1 :santai1
sayonara sayonara :sayonara
semangat semangat :semangat
sentuh sentuh :sentuh:
sepi1 sepi1 :sepi
sepong1 sepong1 :sepong1
sepong2 sepong2 :sepong2
shakehand shakehand :salam
siul siul :siul
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
smile smile :smile
suhu suhu :suhu
tabok tabok :tabok:
tabok2 tabok2 :tabok2
taimacan taimacan :tai
takut takut :takut
tegang tegang :tegang
tembak1 tembak1 :tembak1
terbang terbang :terbang
terbang1 terbang1 :terbang1
thumbdown thumbdown :payah
thumbup thumbup :bagus
tiga1 tiga1 :tiga1
toge toge :toge:
toge2 toge2 :toge2
toge3 toge3 :toge3
tongue tongue :tongue
udut udut :udut:
waw1 waw1 :wow:
wink wink :wink
zombie1 zombie1 :zombie1
zombie2 zombie2 :zombie2
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o